Goals for the year

PS1x School Team Goals


Goal #1
To improve Reading Comprehension for all students our ELA/Vocabulary Focus:

By June 2016

100% of all students will have mastered at least 75% of the academic vocabulary they are expected to know within their grade level as measured by our monthly designed vocabulary assessments.

Evidence for goal #1:

By June 2016: Every student in grades 1 -5 will read a minimum of 3 books –fiction and non-fiction with 95% fluency, accuracy and comprehension as measured by the in-book assessment and TC level benchmarks.

 Goal #2
To improve on our students’ math skills our Math Focus:

By June 2016: 90% of students in grades 2-5 will have mastery of the basic math skills (addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication) as measured by our designed math assessment.

Evidence for goal #2:

By June 2016: All students in grades 2-5 will demonstrate fluency in the four basic math skills as measured by our monthly end of units math assessments.

 Goal #3
Character Building Goal:

By June 2016: 100% of our learning community will have used the 7 habits to develop their leadership skills to become effective teacher and learners.

By June 2016: 100% of the students will successfully teach one concept to someone else as measured by video recordings, peer evaluations and oral presentations.

Evidence for Goal #3:

By June 2016:   Our learning community will have implemented leader in me lessons in every classroom, celebrated at least two leadership days and participated in leadership roles as assigned by teachers and staff.


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