Number Talks

number talks


What is a Number Talk? A Number Talk is a short, ongoing daily routine that provides students with meaningful ongoing practice with computation. A Number Talk is a powerful tool for helping students develop computational fluency because the expectation is that they will use number relationships and the structures of numbers to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Number Talks should be structured as short sessions alongside (but not necessarily directly related to) the ongoing math curriculum. It is important to keep Number Talks short, as they are not intended to replace current curriculum or take up the majority of the time spent on mathematics. In fact, teachers need to spend only 5 to 15 minutes on Number Talks. Number Talks are most effective when done every day.


Here at PS1 Number Talks is part of our rituals and routines. It allows teachers to assess how their student use different math strategies and how they defend their answers whether it’s wrong or right. Nevertheless, as student share their strategies, it becomes obvious they learn from each other. They learn from each other different strategies visually and computationally.

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